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Berlin band is a musical group that has attracted fans from around the world. Originally formed in Berlin, the group creates music inspired by their city and its culture. Berlin band’s sound consists of melodies that are light and energetic, driven by complex rhythms and harmonies. They have released several albums of original music, as well as covers and remixes of Berlin-inspired songs. For Berlin band concerts, fans can expect to hear a mix of old favorites and new songs, each carefully crafted with Berlin’s signature sound. Whether it’s upbeat electro-pop or brooding instrumental ballads, Berlin band promises to bring captivating performances that will stay with their audience long after they’ve gone home.

Their unique and signature style of music is guaranteed to give your event a memorable boost of energy. Bringing a vibrant mix of melodic pop, rock fusion, blues and reggae, this group of top-notch musicians will have everyone grooving along in no time. Refresh your regular crowds and hire the Berlin Band – you won’t be disappointed!

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How to book Berlin?

Email, call or fill out our contact form below. We will get in touch with you to go over some preliminary questions about your event. Following our initial consult we will reach out to Berlin’s agent for availability and an accurate quote. To book we will send you an offer authorization form for the artist to accept. Once accepted we’ll get the final contract and deposit together to confirm your show!

How much does Berlin cost?

Berlin’s pricing varies greatly depending on a variety of factors including: date, type of event, distance from previous/next event (routing), length of performance and more! Any website that lists an artist’s fees and price can be off by tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars. While we are happy to give ballpark guidance, all quotes we send you are the true numbers established by Berlin’s agent.

What happens after I book with you?

Following your confirmed booking we will schedule planning meetings for all of the details and logistics. Our parent company, Contemporary Productions, can handle everything from the artist’s sound, lights and instrument rental to managing your entire event. We can also staff your event with a Contemporary Booking coordinator to ensure all parties are happy and that the show goes off without a hitch!

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