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Side Project – DJ and Drummer

Side Project – DJ and Drummer is a dynamic and high-energy act that merges the modern sound of a live DJ with the time-honored rhythm of the drums.

Elevate Your Event Experience with the Side Project

When it comes to booking entertainment for your event, you want nothing but the best. The Side Project – DJ and Drummer is an award-winning act that guarantees to make your event an unforgettable experience. As a dynamic duo that merges the live DJ sounds with the timeless rhythm of the drums, they bring unmatched energy and excitement to any event they play.

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The Side Project – DJ and Drummer’s body of work speaks for itself. They have played at hundreds of high-profile events, making them one of the most experienced DJ and Drummer duos available. They know exactly how to read the crowd and keep the energy levels high all night long. Their state-of-the-art LED Drum set is not only visually stimulating, but it also adds to the ambiance of the event. The lights dance to the music and create an immersive environment that your guests will never forget.

If you are looking for an original way to entertain your guests that will leave them talking, even after the party has ended, then Side Project is what you have been waiting for!!

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